Friday, 1 October 2010


Not here to say much, just to apologise for the inactivity. Been sick for the past days and I have to say: it totally sucks. So yeah, sorry for not returning love or updating lately - I'll get back to it once I feel better.


Sunday, 26 September 2010

We're gonna rock and roll all night,

...and party every day.

Okay, maybe not all day, but last night I was indeed out partying. I hit the dance floor a few times more than usually and I'm all worn out now, but I'll do my best today. How was your Saturday night guys? Leave a comment telling us.

Friday, 24 September 2010


The lucky fellow to have his blog featured this week is no one other than Naj! Make sure to give this brother a check, his blog is genuinely awesome!

You can find it here:

That's all for now. Congratulations!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Feature your blog in my blog!

 That's right fellas! I've got a competition for you today. Tomorrow's post will be featuring the blog of a randomly picked follower of mine who comments to this article. You guys have a chance of becoming famous; don't let the chance slip away!

Monday, 20 September 2010

House - Season 7

Given I'm right, episode 1 should be out today. I still haven't watched it because I'm rewatching season 6 currently, but I'm really looking forward to it. Any of you guys who did watch it though? If yes, how was it?

Sunday, 19 September 2010

The blog is NOT dead.

Just a quick notice to you guys to remind you I'm still here. Just decided to take a small break from blogging and hopefully I'll be back  tomorrow.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

WoW Title - The Diplomat

After my recent success on getting Guardian of Cenarius, I've set my interests on the Diplomat title, which requires me to get exalted with three individual factions. Timbermaw Hold, Sporegar and Kurenai. Luckily for me, I'm already exalted with the latter and working my way with Timbermaw as we speak. Seems a little bit harder than dealing with CC but I'll manage.

Ima gonna be a diplomat.

Returning daily love to everyone. Clicky clicky~

Hugh Laurie - Hey Jude

Is he awesome or what?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Guardian of Cenarius title

   Been rep farming in my spare time the past few days. My aim? Get the Guardian of Cenarius title before hardcore studying knocks my door. Progress is doing really well, I have to say. Already exalted with Cenarion Expedition and 12/21k Revered with Cenarion Hold, steadily leveling up (Encrypted Twilight Documents farming, trying to find an AQ20 group). Title should be mine in a couple of days, hopefully.
   Well, other than that nothing much has happened. I won the heroic axe from lootship (FINALLY) and my new teachers are great - except for a handful -.

That's all for today. I'll start returning today's favors now!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Lack of activity - IT'S ALL SCHOOL'S FAULT

So I understand I haven't been active for the past few days. Blame school for that - yeah, I'm finally back in action. Been sucking my life out, especially with the current problems we're facing (Too many students, have to make new classes AKA change our schedules) and the lack of sleep. Luckily it's all going away by the end of the week. I plan on coming back with some new interesting stuff for you guys so wait for it! I'll start by returning your views and comments so you know I'm not dead just yet!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Operation: Gnomergan - Success!

Small but enjoyable, with an epic finale that's definitely worth a shot. Operation: Gnomergan is exactly what the name insists: the retake of the Gnomish capital of Gnomergan from the level 25 mobs that have taken over - ridiculous, I know. The early quests consist of testing out machines mostly, with a few exceptions such as the /emote quest, all of which lead you outside the city of Gnomergan, where the main forces are stationed. I was lucky enough to join a big group of over 50 people. Needless to say, the experience was great! If you guys are reluctant about doing it, leave no more way for doubt. Operation: Gnomergan is epic.

Pic related, it's us.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Back to WoW, brothers.

Yeah, I know... With school beginning on Friday I'm not gonna enjoy my game time that much, but hey, Operation Gnomergan is on! A feat of strength like that, I can't miss. I'm currently doing VoA/Weekly with my ~6k GS Nelf Rogue at the moment (aiming for some Relentless set items I need). I'll be reporting soon about the operation!

That was Neethree of the Shattered Sun, over and out.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

HDMI cable, where are you?

So my friend finally got a small High Definition TV in his room. It's absolutely amazing for its size (I think it's about 27 inches or so). Image is smooth and crystal clear, colors are great, couldn't be any more perfect. Wanting to test it out, we decided to hook up his PS3 on and give that babe a ride. Not too long after we brought the console in, we realized the factor component wasn't there - the HDMI cable was gone. I can say with certainty it took us about two whole hours to find it hidden in a totally unrelated drawer (Perhaps his sisters' work?). Sigh, what a day... At least we had fun gaming afterwards.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Cameron appreciation post

Cameron. We all love her, right? Despite her annoying stick-to-the-ethics behavior she's 'kinda nice'. So my question for you guys today is: Blonde or Brunette?

For me it's absolutely the latter. Blonde made her look like a whore.

House MD - Rewatching the old seasons

With House MD's seventh season due to September 22, I decided to spent the rest of my vacations' free time to rewatch the old seasons (Lies, I'm just bored and can't wait for school to start again). I'm currently on the third season and I have to say: It's good seeing the old cast again. The first season follows the cliche 'patient-comes-in patient-doesn't-have-lupus, patient-comes-out' but it's quite enjoyable and has one of the best episodes in the series (Three Stories). Season 2, I'd say I enjoyed it more than its predecessor,  climaxes at the finale and is also great. The third one didn't fail to keep up the hype by introducing Tritter and an interesting turn of events in the main storyline; always a great addition.

Can't say much about the others, cause, well, I haven't rewatched them yet. I remember season four being fine for a 'quick-watch' although the emotional finale is probably one of the, if not THE, best parts of the series. Definitely. Unquestionably. Surely enough.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - What's with the terrain?

While Square-Enix servers are still struggling to deal with issues, a new matter has been brought up to light by the 'lucky' beta testers who managed to get in. Apparently, or so they say, the world map's environment and terrains are shamelessly copy pasted all over the game, leading into certain areas looking almost identical.With an insistent scenery as the likes of this, the player base is speculated to grow tired of it quickly enough. What are your thoughts, guys? It seemed like a promising game.

Operation Lights Out

Before I get started I'd like to ask everyone to refrain from 'reminding' me rules 1 & 2. I'm well aware. They don't matter, /b/ is no secret playground. If you still wish to whine, go do it someplace else.

As far as I'm concerned three days have now passed since the beginning of the operation. It was quite sudden, and considering the single has been out since early June it makes me wonder what took us so long. The official video on Youtube has already reached 300 thousand views and 10 thousand comments - that's an average of 100 thousand views which is pretty impressive if you ask me. However, no event of major importance has happened yet. No articles speculating about a new success, no one talking big about it on TV, not much discussion around, no nothing. Seems like it's gonna be a tough fight.

Rick didn't give us up - it's only fair we return the favor.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - Server Errors much, SE?

In between switching tracks from Rick Astley's Lights Out and Never gonna give you up, I've occasionally found myself trying to get my hands on the downloader of FFXIV OB. No such luck though, as Square-Enix's servers seem to be undergoing some errors due to enormous traffic. Makes me wonder if I'll manage to test the game before the new school term begins. Oh well...

So what about you, guys? Anyone tried the game yet?

First post - Welcome

Welcome to my blog, everyone. I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit.