Monday, 6 September 2010

House MD - Rewatching the old seasons

With House MD's seventh season due to September 22, I decided to spent the rest of my vacations' free time to rewatch the old seasons (Lies, I'm just bored and can't wait for school to start again). I'm currently on the third season and I have to say: It's good seeing the old cast again. The first season follows the cliche 'patient-comes-in patient-doesn't-have-lupus, patient-comes-out' but it's quite enjoyable and has one of the best episodes in the series (Three Stories). Season 2, I'd say I enjoyed it more than its predecessor,  climaxes at the finale and is also great. The third one didn't fail to keep up the hype by introducing Tritter and an interesting turn of events in the main storyline; always a great addition.

Can't say much about the others, cause, well, I haven't rewatched them yet. I remember season four being fine for a 'quick-watch' although the emotional finale is probably one of the, if not THE, best parts of the series. Definitely. Unquestionably. Surely enough.

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