Sunday, 5 September 2010

Final Fantasy XIV - What's with the terrain?

While Square-Enix servers are still struggling to deal with issues, a new matter has been brought up to light by the 'lucky' beta testers who managed to get in. Apparently, or so they say, the world map's environment and terrains are shamelessly copy pasted all over the game, leading into certain areas looking almost identical.With an insistent scenery as the likes of this, the player base is speculated to grow tired of it quickly enough. What are your thoughts, guys? It seemed like a promising game.


  1. Getting quite sick of FF though...
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  2. interesting stuff.
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  3. I never get tired of final fantasy to be honoust!

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  4. Is terrain really "gamebreaking"? it is just something to look at. Gameplay is more important to mw.

  5. Well, when you're about to dedicate months of your life in a game, you'd prefer advancing into something different instead of getting looped back into the same place, only to find out it's scaled according to your own level.

  6. Isnt't there now a Open beta?
    I wanted to try it out got accounts and everything but damn == that Update is taking like friggin forever to download and when installing it says files are corrupted. Great job Square Enix :<

  7. Yeah, heard that also may happen - the downloader dropping all speeds all of a sudden for hours. I guess they were really not ready for this.

    I expected better of a company like Square-Enix to be honest.

  8. squenix kinda killed this for me :(

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    Give and you shall receive :)

  9. very interesting! need moar posts from you...